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New Offices / Warehouse

NEW OFFICES & WAREHOUSE at the foot of the Malvern Hills.

After a long search for the right premises we eventually came across some units which were in the process of being built, so we contacted the builders / landlord registering our interest and eventually agreeing a specification which we were able to dictate from the beginning, so we were able to customise to suit our business model.



Light airy office and essential to everything...

... is the kitchen for the coffee!

SPOTLIGHT  On Energy Efficiency

Whilst undertaking the projects. we were keen to embrace new technology, and when we suggested a new lighting system for Unit 1A, Upton Business Centre, our landlords were keen to look at the option.

The new system, supplied by Fitzgerald Lighting Ltd from Cornwall, has built in microwave sensors and intelligent dimming.  This means that when an area is unoccupied the system automatically turns to low power with minimal 40% light and as soon as motion is detected the lights automatically come on again.  It also means that if there is sufficient natural daylight in the building the lights will dim automatically to reflect the amount of light required due to the installation of Lux sensors.

The savings are immense as on a daily basis it means that you are only using 10% of the power you would use if lights were left on all the time. The tubes look like fluorescent tubes but they have a lifespan up to 50,000 hours, meaning huge savings on tower equipment every time a tube/bulb needs changing, as the need to replace is less frequent.

This system is not only efficient but cost effective too, giving substantial savings on the annual electricity bill.

Our overall experience with this project was very fulfilling due to the working relationship with the builders / landlord

 “We are delighted with our new premises – the location is ideal, being only 3 miles drive from where we live!
The flexible layout of the Unit is perfect, giving us plenty of room for storage downstairs, and a large, well-lit office space upstairs – we even have a beautiful view – and there is a comfortable spot for our two dogs, Beau and Diddley who accompany us at work!
The whole process has been handled extremely well by both Martin and Mark. They have listened to our business requirements, keeping us well informed throughout, and ensuring that everything was in place before we moved in, making it a very pleasant experience.”

We had a small open day to celebrate the completion and our occupation of the offices after three months of waiting

URSULA & DAVE McNALLY sampling the comfy visitors
chairs, before the dogs claim them
The Landlord Martin Wilesmith & his son Mark handing over
the keys. The dogs getting centre stage of course


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